Elora House is Governed by a Team of Community Members, including those in Public Health, Social Services, Spiritual Care and the broader business community. 

Steering Committee of Elora House


Nicole Hodgson: Serving as the Program Director for Elora House, Nicole brings a background in International Development and human rights advocacy. She has an experienced career as a frontline advocate for domestic violence and sex trafficking survivors. Through her support roles and crisis line experience it has become evident the barriers and risks for women fleeing violence when there are limited safe spaces to go to.  With great enthusiasm and passion Nicole brings her trauma informed, anti-racism and anti-oppressive lens, to the frontlines of Elora House.

Liz Kent: Liz brings 32-years of social enterprise experience in Guelph-Wellington County. Serving as the current Executive Director of Victim Services Wellington, Liz works closely with local police forces to assist human trafficking survivors in the community; finding them safe shelter; and, connecting them with local supports. At an event co-hosted by Guelph Police and Victim Services, safe and available housing was identified a significant barrier to the recovery of human trafficking survivors, as such, Liz is encouraged by the work of the Elora House project. 

Luisa Krause: Luisa is a Pastor at Elora Road Christian Fellowship and an advocate for women. Her desire is to see women reach their God-given potential and to realize their worth as seen through the eyes of their creator.  Her mandate as a Spiritual Advisor is to facilitate freedom for women who have suffered abuse. 

Patty Pronovost: Patty is a retired Police Officer with direct experience in supporting human trafficking survivors and bringing perpetrators to justice. Through her work, she witnessed firsthand how a lack of safe housing in the region has impeded the recovery of victims and challenged the community’s ability to prevent further victimization. Patty joins the Elora House project with the conviction that only when Survivors feel safe, can agencies such as the police effectively work to tackle the monumental issue of human trafficking. 


Laura Ross: Laura owns and operates The Grainary, a bakery which endeavors to provide employment experience and skills development to human trafficking survivors. All proceeds are invested into programs that support survivors. Laura co-founded Beacon of Hope, a Cambridge-based organization that brings light to the issue of Human Trafficking across High schools, Universities and Church groups.  Her passion is to see survivors move forward in healthy ways. 

Jennifer Sharer:  As a local Insurance Adviser and entrepreneur, Jennifer brings over 10-years of risk management and business experience to the Elora House project. In her business, Jennifer has endeavored to work closely with social enterprises and understand the unique risks that they face. Jennifer is also a strong advocate for women and actively seeks out opportunities to invest in women’s freedom, security and wellness. 

Betty Slack: Betty is the Program Facilitator for Guelph-Wellington Care & Treatment Center for Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence. The Center's team of professionals specialize in caring for persons who have experienced sexual assault and/or domestic violence and/or human trafficking. Betty brings over 30-years experience in the health sector and is committed to integrating trauma informed practices into survivor supported care. Betty is passionate about supporting Elora House in engaging survivors to heal both physically and emotionally.

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Our Staff Team

We would like to acknowledge our wonderful dedicated volunteer team.

Their heart and their energy makes Elora House a meaningful place of hope.

To our Donors we give a special thanks from Elora House.  

Our Donors, of many wish to remain anonymous have provided crucial economic elements to the home which have helped formed a vision into a reality.

Our staff team is comprised of a group of passionate and professional front line workers. 


Bringing supportive programming into action with care.

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