Bedroom Interior


At the Elora House we offer safe temporary private rooms, in a confidential location, basic needs, advocacy, referrals and provide supportive programming.
Our goal is to provide a 4 to 6 week accommodation of restorative care.

Our home is designed with peaceful restoration in mind. Survivors are welcomed into a space that looks and feels like home. From there, we provide personalized care support for survivors through a team of dedicated staff, community members and volunteers. 

"Elora house feels like a home right when you walk in. Everything in here feels really warm and inviting".


- Elora House Survivor


Elora House is a first stage program with the idea of rest and stabilization post sex trafficking.  Due to common  themes of sleep and food deprivation as well as displacement, our primary focus is on health and wellness.  Our programming offers routine and balance.  Part of our daily schedule includes set meal and sleep times, daily exercise, goal setting, educational groups, and reflections.  In addition we offer choice in accessing art programming, pet therapy,  nutritionist support,  fitness plans, spiritual leadership as well as a concussive assessment and treatment.

Our 5 core values of the program are:

Collaboration, Communication, Gratitude, Balance and Ownership (re-claiming self).

Fitness Class
Image by Laura Chouette

Therapeutic Support 

Clinical treatment is an integral piece of residential programming at Elora House.  All residents will receive an individualized Clinical Treatment Plan created by the resident with the support of the Clinical Trauma Therapist.  The primary focus will be with the goal of stabilization through EMDR Trauma Therapy.

Transitional Support

The Elora House staff provide housing search support, accompaniment to court, police or hospital as well as support with continuing education and resume building.