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Bedroom Interior


Elora House is located in a confidential location and offers safe accommodations, supportive programming, and restorative care in a
welcoming and peaceful environment. 

Some of our core values in everything that we do include being collaborative, building balance, strengthening communication skills, celebrating gratitude, and helping our residents establish a valuable sense of self & autonomy. 

"Elora house feels like a home right when you walk in. Everything in here feels really warm and inviting".


- Elora House Survivor


Clinical treatment is an integral piece of residential programming at Elora House, with stabilization through EMDR Trauma Therapy as a vital objective. All residents receive an Individualized Clinical Treatment Plan created by the resident, with the support of our Clinical Trauma Therapist. 

Other therapeutic supports available to residents include CBT, DBT, and Rapid Resolution Therapy.
Image by Laura Chouette
Image by fotografierende


Elora House honours a three stage program, and in the first stage the focus is on Rest. In recognizing some common themes for our residents around displacement and sleep/food deprivation, we provide all options through a health and wellness lens. Routine, consistency, and balance lead the way ensuring that set meal and sleep times, daily exercise, thoughtful reflection, and opportunities to learn, are all readily available.


In addition, residents can access art programming, pet therapy, nutrition support, personal fitness plans, spiritual leadership, concussive assessment/treatment, and so much more. 


Stages Two (Rebuild) and Three (Restart) revolve around deepening some of the skills learned in Stage One (Rest), with the focus now - and moving forward - on establishing both a healthy life balance and building towards a life after Human Trafficking. The Elora House staff provide housing search support, accompaniment to court, police, or hospital visits, as well as support with continuing education and résumé building with an eye on the future. 
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