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Addressing Systemic Racism

At Elora House, we refuse to sit in silence.

Desmund Cole, an activist and author of The Skin We’re In: A year of Black Resistance and Power, stated “The difficult conversation for me is racism. It isn't about some bad feelings inside someone’s heart, it’s about power.” He continued to say, “When you keep power away from other people, there is more for you and your people.”

We support these statements.

At Elora House, we vow to continue to reflect on our position of power. We will reflect on how this position was afforded to us, are we using it appropriately, and what systemic properties created this privilege. We vow to invest in diverse representation, education and behaviour change.

We recognize that the current landscape in North America stigmatizes and justifies violence towards women of colour, especially Black cis and transgender women. Rather than eliminating these issues in the sex industry, our system drives exploitation particularly for those that are vulnerable. We vow to continue to fight for body autonomy for those who are systemically silenced. We must, in turn, silence our judgement and give these powerful women of colour space for their voices to be heard.

We see the black community responding to a history of systemic oppression, maltreatment, being targeted for police brutality and racial profiling, and responding to the trauma that a Westernized society has created. We will not judge moral characters of the black community, and will be allies to this civil revolution.

Elora House will use it’s platform to advocate for social justice and equality for all people. We will continue to see the unique qualities that make us human as powerful and beautiful and hope to continue to support those finding their voice.

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