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“Sex Work vs Sex trafficking.. I Thought it was the same thing!”

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

While talking to my friend last week she stated, “sex work is the same as trafficking isn’t it?” Her intention was not ill intended nor ignorant, she simply lacked some knowledge and proceeded to ask questions. While educating her on the differences, I found a need to use this website’s blog platform to raise some awareness. So I started quickly typing ..

It is not our fault that some of us are unaware of the difference. Within a social context we sometimes see these two concepts as the same. However for the purpose of Elora House, we hope to raise awareness about the difference between engaging in sex work and being a victim of sex trafficking.

Undeniably, sex trafficking or sexual exploitation is a human rights violation and it can happen to anyone. Older women, young girls, the LGBTQ2IA+ community, and men and boys are all at risk to be coerced into sex trafficking by a variety of means and rewards.

Continually, “When a person willingly takes part in the sale of sex, it is consensual and doesn’t affect their human rights. This is called Sex Work”.


On the other hand “When a person takes part in the sale of sex through a third party by threat, abduction or other means of coercion. This can be labeled as modern day slavery. This is called Sex Trafficking”.

(Stop The Traffik, 2020)

I hope this helps raise some awareness on the difference between sex work and being sex trafficked.

Awareness and education will continue to be an ally to us at Elora House. We, as advocates, hope to continue to give ourselves permission to ask the hard questions, stay educated, be informed, stay open minded, authentic and to be inclusive and anti oppressive to every powerful individual who we meet.

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